Community Record of Care for Accountable Communities of Health

Dear Valued Subscribers, Vendors and Partners:

During December Medical Information Network – North Sound sent official notice of the termination of our Health Information Exchange. In spite of our efforts towards long-term sustainability MIN-NS is unable to fund our ongoing operations through 2019. MIN-NS will terminate all services effective March 31st, 2019.

We realize many have come to value the five county patient health information available in the HIE - content beyond any one hospital or clinic medical record system. We deeply regret having to take this action.

As mentioned above, all services are being discontinued including the core Health Information Exchange as well as analytics, notification, alerting, reporting and messaging services. Subscribers may continue to use these services until the shut-down date. At that time consistent with our Business Associate Agreements, all network feeds will be terminated and all data including all backup copies will be deleted according to Department of Defense and NIST information security standards.

Subscribers desiring continued access to Community Health Records via a Health Information Exchange after March 31st should contact Krista Navarro ( with questions or for more details.

Our Network Participants