Community Record of Care for Accountable Communities of Health


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Final Medicare Rewards for Quality, Information Sharing, and Improvement

The final rules for Medicare bonus and penalty payments were just released. They apply to providers who....

By Duncan West on October 18, 2016

EHR Diversity making a comeback

Several recent events emphasized the worth of Health Information Exchanges in knitting together a care community, regardless of the Electronic Health Record (EHR) vendor selected by the community’s providers.

By Duncan West on June 02, 2016

Community Care Management – A dynamic, interactive challenge

What processes and tools do providers and the broader community need to support care management and population health? Mental and visual models often help understand the broad picture and get us out of the details of filling out some form or spreadsheet.

By Duncan West on April 29, 2016

The Community Record aids Long Term and Post-Acute Care Providers

See what Long Term and Post Acute Care leaders say about the value of the HIE in the evolving healthcare delivery landscape.

By Duncan West on February 09, 2016

Medicaid Transformation Project Proposals

MIN-NS contributed two of the 20+ Transformation Project Proposals to the Health Care Authority to the Health Care Authority from the North Sound community. Statewide there were 178 proposals in support of the HCA 115 Waiver request of CMS.

By Duncan West on January 28, 2016
There are 21 items on 5 pages.