Community Record of Care for Accountable Communities of Health


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Updating Default Landing Page in User Profile

Users can set up their own display preferences once they have logged into the Health Information Exchange. By selecting “User Settings” under the Tools Section. Users have three options to select preferred landing page “Home”, “Patients” or “Secure Mail”.

By Krista Navarro at 23 Sep 2016

Add a New Document to the HIE

Adding a new document to the Health Information Exchange is as simple as the steps taken when attaching a document to an email. Users that may have a customized clinical document or have portal access only can easily upload a document and allow it to be a part of the patient’s community record. Participating providers can then view these documents inside the Health Information Exchange. This is the secure, HIPPA compliant approach to record sharing.

By Krista Navarro at 20 Jun 2016

EHR Diversity making a comeback

Several recent events emphasized the worth of Health Information Exchanges in knitting together a care community, regardless of the Electronic Health Record (EHR) vendor selected by the community’s providers.

By Duncan West at 2 Jun 2016

Northwest Pathology Reports are available to view in the HIE

Northwest Pathology has fully integrated into the Health Information Exchange. Users can now search and find pathology reports generated from Northwest Pathology, by selecting the following steps...

By Krista Navarro at 12 May 2016

Community Care Management – A dynamic, interactive challenge

What processes and tools do providers and the broader community need to support care management and population health? Mental and visual models often help understand the broad picture and get us out of the details of filling out some form or spreadsheet.

By Duncan West at 29 Apr 2016
There are 32 items on 7 pages.