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Best practices identifying High-Risk, High-Cost patients

The mantra of healthcare in the 21st Century seems to be, “We must better manage the care of high-risk and high-cost patients.” Insights about best practices are emerging from experience outside health maintenance organizations. The American Journal of Managed Care recently had two articles on the topic. The common thread was ...

By Duncan West at 4 Dec 2015

Using filters while searching for records

One of the features that is useful during a patient search is the filter tool. When searching for a specific report lab, or time frame you can designate to a specific criteria allowing for the search to pull in results by facility and date range.

By Krista Navarro at 13 Nov 2015

Local vs. Network Search

When initiating a search for a patient the user can search by either a “local” or “network” search. The patient search now defaults now to “network” search; however it is important to understand how each selection works.

By Krista Navarro at 7 Oct 2015

MIN-NS Health Information Sharing

Language and names are funny things. The word “Exchange,” in “Health Information Exchange (HIE)” has become a noun, a description of the software and processes which move patient care documents from provider to provider. The term arose from the statewide initiatives fostered and funded by the ARRA Hitech Act.

By Duncan West at 28 Sep 2015

MIN-NS Presents at Public Hospital Conference

The MIN-NS team delivered a session on June 24 at the Association of Washington Public Hospital Districts annual meeting about Health Information Exchanges and Community Health. The conference was attended by 400 community hospital leaders, both elected commissioners and senior managers.

By Duncan West at 7 Jul 2015
There are 32 items on 7 pages.