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National hospital chain systems hacked for records of 4.5 million patients

Community Health Systems, an operator of 206 hospitals in 29 states - including Washington, had 4.5 million patient identity records stolen by an organized team of hackers. Read one of the many accounts of the

By Duncan West on August 19, 2014

Direct is about the Directory

Direct is about the Directory As part of our commitment to connecting the community of providers in the North Sound, MIN-NS offers a certified Direct secure messaging solution. Direct is a secure email standard approved by ONC and managed by DirectTrust. Both email sender and recipient are vetted by a certified Health Information Service Provider (HISP).

By Duncan West on June 13, 2014

MIN-NS Wins Grant for HIE Enrichment and Expansion

Over the next three years Medical Information Network – North Sound (MIN-NS) will use an almost million dollar, federal grant to connect rural medical providers in the North Sound. The grant has $300,000 available from May 2014 through April 2015 and can be extended at $285,000 for each of the next two years.

By Duncan West on May 08, 2014

Care Continuity

Business and Care Continuity planning are increasingly important, especially given the security and privacy requirements of our field. MIN-NS provides a turnkey, HIPAA compliant continuity solution. EMR down for any reason? Securely log into the HIE and start accessing your patient’s treatment documents.

By Krista Navarro on January 23, 2014
There are 34 items on 7 pages.