Community Record of Care for Accountable Communities of Health

January 01, 0001


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Updating Default Landing Page in User Profile

Users can set up their own display preferences once they have logged into the Health Information Exchange. By selecting “User Settings” under the Tools Section. Users have three options to select preferred landing page “Home”, “Patients” or “Secure Mail”.

By Krista Navarro on September 23, 2016

Using filters while searching for records

One of the features that is useful during a patient search is the filter tool. When searching for a specific report lab, or time frame you can designate to a specific criteria allowing for the search to pull in results by facility and date range.

By Krista Navarro on November 13, 2015

Local vs. Network Search

When initiating a search for a patient the user can search by either a “local” or “network” search. The patient search now defaults now to “network” search; however it is important to understand how each selection works.

By Krista Navarro on October 07, 2015
There are 3 items on 1 pages.