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January 23, 2014

Care Continuity

Written by Krista Navarro

Business and Care Continuity planning are increasingly important, especially given the security and privacy requirements of our field. MIN-NS provides a turnkey, HIPAA compliant continuity solution. EMR down for any reason? Securely log into the HIE and start accessing your patient’s treatment documents.

Often when we talk about Continuity of Care, we focus on sharing key medical records and plans among a multi-organization care team. Another, increasingly significant definition for Care Continuity, is access to care records when key systems are not available.

MIN-NS recently played a vital role in Care Continuity at a hospital by providing access to past medical records while the principal Electronic Medical Record (EMR) was undergoing planned, and then unplanned downtime during an upgrade.

In advance of the downtime, the hospital IT team credentialed MIN-NS’ staff and placed us at work stations in the Emergency Department (ED). When the EMR came down on schedule we were able to retrieve hospital lab and other reports from earlier that day for patients already under care. For those entering the ED, we pulled relevant records from visits a week to two years old. We supplied the care team with two day prior echocardiogram reports from another facility. When the upgrade proved bumpy and necessitated extended downtime, the MIN-NS HIE provided continuing access to key records.

As your organization becomes more dependent on electronic records, you can count on your Health Information Exchange to be that Plan “C” for Continuity when your main systems are unavailable.

iDC Health Insights made the prediction that business continuity and disaster recovery would require investment in 2014. MIN-NS provides that off-site, always ready, second system with instant availability. Plan done.