Community Record of Care for Accountable Communities of Health

November 13, 2015

Using filters while searching for records

Written by Krista Navarro

One of the features that is useful during a patient search is the filter tool.  When searching for a specific report, lab, or time frame you can designate to a specific criteria allowing for the search to pull in results by facility and date range.  The facility filter will show only those locations where the patient has records in the HIE, so if the patient has records from Skagit Regional Health and Island Hospital only those two will show in this section as options to select.  You may only want records to show from Island Hospital so you can click on the box next to the facility name then click on the “Apply Filter” tab at the bottom of the section.  The community record will show only those records from Island Hospital.  Date filter can pull in all records for a selected period of time.  By clicking into the “From” & “To” field, a calendar will appear that can be used to select the desired date, once you have input the date range you can click on the “Apply Filter”. This then pulls into the HIE only those results for that period.  To be even more specific you can select both a desired facility and a specified date range and that record set will be viewable.  The filter allows for quick, direct results when searching inside the HIE.

system screenshot

*The “Sensitivity” filter is available to the Behavioral Health node – which is not currently active.