Community Record of Care for Accountable Communities of Health

October 07, 2015

Local vs. Network Search

Written by Krista Navarro

When initiating a search for a patient the user can search by either a “local” or “network” search. The patient search now defaults now to “network” search; however it is important to understand how each selection works. The local search will query the HIE to pull in patient health information only from the portal to which the user is logging in. (For example, if you are entering your user ID and password into the “Island Hospital” portal then the local search selection will only bring in Island Hospital patient data.)  By selecting a “network” search then the search will query all integrated EMR data inside the HIE on the patient and the user can view the entire community record. 

As patient health care delivery evolves a more coordinated, efficient method of obtaining patient health information can be found in accessing the Health Information Exchange.  In further expansion of the HIE in our region we are seeing a more robust community record. 

[Factoid : After several years of building the community record of care MIN-NS has built such a core set of medical information that for patients seen for the first time at one of our customer sites in August of this year , 30% already had records of care available in the HIE. In August there were 6,418 new community records created and 2,687 updated records with information from a new provider to an existing record.]

At Medical Information Network – North Sound we work to provide the Northwest Washington medical community access to the Health Information Exchange.  Medical professionals can request orientation and training through our website the help desk or contacting our designated trainers.  Users of the HIE are encouraged to give feedback.  With this insight and the trainers experience working in the field there will be additional training tips and support updated to this post.  Please comment with suggestions, feedback and your thoughts, it’s extremely helpful to our efforts!