Community Record of Care for Accountable Communities of Health

November 16, 2016

Quickly Search and Locate Reports, Labs and more...

Written by Krista Navarro

There are several ways to navigate the HIE that allow to quickly search and locate reports, labs and more.  One of the ways is to use the blue header to “group” by type, order, source or date.

Here we see the “Reports” section, the blue field that runs across the entries has four categories that can be used to group by the designated title.  For example the user can search by report alphabetically by selecting the “Type” title.  This will take all the named reports in this section and group them alphabetically from the first letter of the report name. 

In this view the arrow shows that a user can click on the “source” and the section will be grouped by the facility that the report was generated from.

Each of the four titles in the blue header will allow for different grouping for the section.  Type and Source are explained with images above. Clicking on Ordered/Performed by will allow to group by provider or facility listed who ordered/or/performed the listed report.  Choosing the date section will allow the user to group by assending or decending dates, the dates reflect time stamp of  report.