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September 23, 2016

Updating Default Landing Page in User Profile

Written by Krista Navarro

Users can set up their own display preferences once they have logged into the Health Information Exchange. By selecting “User Settings” under the Tools Section.  Users have three options to select preferred landing page “Home”, “Patients” or “Secure Mail”.

This is a view from the “Home” page, as a default when entering the HIE. The arrow indicates where user can select to change view to “Patient” or Secure Mail”.  The “Home” page has options in three sections that will allow for Searching for a Patient record, Composing New Secure Mail, Reporting/Analytics, Updating User Profile, Training, and Support.

  • This is to set a default view after logging into the HIE, all three sections can be accessed no matter the set default view.

  • Once the User has selected “User Settings” (Tool Section) they can select what Default page they was to have present when they log on, they can select and then save changes.


  • The User has selected “Patient Search” – this view will be the default landing page. From Patient Search users can go directly to entering in patient identifiers that will allow to view clinical records in HIE.

  • In this view the user has selected “Secure Mail” for the default view. This will go to the page that will allow to view new email, compose, view sent email and archive email.