Community Record of Care for Accountable Communities of Health

About Us

MIN-NS - Unifying our medical communities for better care coordination

Medical Information Network – North Sound (MIN-NS) is dedicated to supporting community record of care in our regions. In 2008 the leaders of the North Sound medical community established the vision of securely gathering and sharing comprehensive medical records for residents in order to maintain the high level of service they provided.

The MIN-NS’ vision is realized when an Emergency Department staff member pulls an average of 50 clinical records a day from the HIE in support of care for patients in the Emergency Department.

Based in Mount Vernon, Washington, MIN-NS was formally founded in 2010 as a 501(c)3 non-profit by public hospital districts in the area.. Supported by two Public Hospital district founders, Island Hospital and Clinics, and Skagit Regional Health, with Whidbey General Hospital and Clinics as a subscriber, MIN-NS provides a health records for communities from Whidbey Island to Concrete, Stanwood to Orcas Island.

The MIN-NS’ vision is realized when patterns of care use for patients across the region are consolidated and reviewed to inform a decision to offer new, home-based care for the terminally ill.

Community based health information exchanges such as MIN-NS are the solid foundation needed by State and National exchanges to fulfill their function and promise for improved healthcare at lower costs. MIN-NS’ secure connections with statewide HIEs and local Skilled Nursing Facilities, Area Agency on Aging, EMS, therapists, home health agencies, and Hospice provides a web of support for patient care teams in the region.

The MIN-NS’ vision is realized when the local Area Agency on Aging case managers receive a daily report of their patients in the hospital and reach out hospital case managers to arrange a warm handoff of care.

MIN-NS is committed to delivering the support and services to enhance health records completeness and enable data sharing while acting as an independent and trusted resource for the community's healthcare data. As MIN-NS has evolved we have become a USAC service provider, a credentialed government contractor and a participant in rural connectivity grants.

The MIN-NS’ vision is realized when rural customers use federal matching funds to establish high speed, high content connections to their rural and urban care delivery partners.

Mark, Quenneville, MIN-NS Executive Director summarized our vision, "MIN-NS delivers on our core value of community service by providing high quality, secure, HIPAA compliant HIT environments for improved communication and care coordination across organizational boundaries."

The MIN-NS’ vision is realized when the MIN-NS team connects our customers electronically to meet government and payer mandates while their own care and IT teams focus on critical care delivery tasks.