Community Record of Care for Accountable Communities of Health


Mark Quenneville Executive Director

Mark has 28 years of information technology experience and expertise. He has worked for local industry leaders Boeing, Microsoft and Vulcan Inc. In every role Mark has led his team in creating innovative and compelling solutions for complex and sometimes life-saving problems.

Murray Laidley Program Manager

Murray is currently implementing the Medical Information Technology - North Sound Health Information Exchange, and Chairman of Skagit NextTech promoting and nurturing technology in Skagit County. Listens to classic sixties rock.

Peter Swanson Chief Financial Officer

Peter is the CFO of MIN-NS

Emily Haugland Office Manager

Emily Haugland joined the MIN-NS team as accountant and office assistant. Quickly gaining a solid understanding of the MIN-NS organization and mission, she has become an invaluable member of our Business Operations team. Emily spends her free time traveling the country following Kenny G. and Yanni's tours at the most remote wineries.

Brady Maguire Domain Administrator

Brady has been with MIN-NS since 2013. Domain administration and user support are Brady’s specialties, as well as occasional customer site visits. Listens to Logic.

Krista Navarro Account Executive

Krista has been a part of MIN-NS since 2013. Along with efforts to expand the Health Information Exchange network, she facilitates customer training and support. Listens to instrumental love songs.

Alex Gaidai Media & Design Manager

Alex is responsible for the look and feel of MIN-NS websites and branding collateral. He patiently listens to multiple opinions on how to design and what colors to use.

David Flynn Network Manager

David joined MIN-NS in 2016. David works to keep the network humming and secure. He also maintains the VPN connections that keep health data moving to the Health Information Exchange.

David Ladiges Web Integration Lead

David has been with MIN-NS since early 2013, he primarily works on websites and development projects. When not overseeing MIN-NS’ websites and web applications, David also provides database and system administration for MIN-NS’ growing network. Listens to a variety of eclectic tunes and music to code by.

Mike Garrett Principal Informatics Engineer

Mike has been in healthcare software since the beginning of time. He joined MIN-NS in the spring of ’15 and they’re damn thrilled to have him. He is the Principal Informatics Engineer, which is the kind of engineer that has nothing to do with trains, but when he steams around the office saying ‘choo-choo’, we just don’t have the heart to tell him. He listens to the sounds of his wife’s incessant nagging.

Darcy Bellusci Senior Data Warehouse Manager

Darcy has extensive experience in analysis, design, development, testing, management, & implementation of software products. She's developed a variety of systems from airplane avionics to medical devices to electronic health records. Darcy joined MIN-NS in the beginning of 2016.

Michael Dunn Quality Assurance

Mikey is responsible for testing the HIE and analyzing the data. He has been a part of MIN-NS since 2010. Listens to Robben Ford.

Maryann Quayle QA Nurse and Nurse Informaticist

Maryann has been a part of MIN-NS since 2012. Primarily QA Team verification for information in the HIE, she supports MIN-NS staff with clinical workflow information and HIE Help for customers. Listens to Pink, Fun, Blake Shelton, Sara Bareilles, Ian Anderson, and Broadway show tunes (whatever mood strikes).

Hannah Brennan Medical Records Specialist

Hannah joined MIN-NS in 2016. Hannah manages patient identities within the HIE for MIN-NS, identifying and grouping patients across customers. As the specialist, she is available to identify and merge patients within MIN-NS’ customer EHRs. She listens to Enya

and some gangsters